Li-bra-ry Cafe! A Bangkok cafe that knows how to charm!

When I arrive at a new destination or even ones that I frequent, one of the first things I do is hit up a local cafe that may shed some light on its… Continue reading

BEAR essentials: AIR NZ kicks ass again with new inflight video!

Does anyone in the marketing department want some inspiration? Well take a dip from the new inflight safety video starring famous nature survival guy, Bear Grylls set in the wilderness of the land… Continue reading

I meet the Poet Sandal Maker of Athens to get my own pair. The Ancient craft lives on!

The store in Athens. His eclectic pieces of furniture greet you. Touching the feet and strapping the ankles, of both royalty and rock-stars alike are nothing new to ‘The Poet Sandal Maker of… Continue reading


Originally posted on Doyle Air:
Actually on my flight over here I tested out a new device called the humidiflyer; it was developed by an Air New Zealand cabin crew, which is used…

One shot: PARIS

PARIS is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world and I have taken literally thousands of photos in that splendid city. I have always said that even a mundane brick in… Continue reading

My view from UP here!

I know it’s been a while since my last post peeps. But here I go again 😉  As I traverse this splendid planet on foot, cars, donkeys and jet streams I come across… Continue reading

Cos I’m Black and I’m Free!

I want to share a secret with you. My favourite place on earth. I revisited my Babylonian palace aka Dead Sea Kempinski Ishtar resort. Tucked away in the worlds most hypersaline lake (10… Continue reading

Mummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I want bitttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! :P

Mum’s the word today, as we kick off mother’s day 2010. Mother’s day, Valentines, Easter, Christmas…is when your wallet, eyes and taste buds are assaulted and pillaged by stores drawing you in by… Continue reading

Love Imogen Heap…LIVE!!!

Click here for Imogen Heap Live Video from Sydney Concert! Once in a blue moon, an artist is born who transcends all notions of normality and boundaries. Such fellow beings allow us to… Continue reading

Polygenius designer Karim Rashid flicks on the Switch in Dubai!!!

My home turf Dubai is known for many of its party tricks. A land with the world’s best and biggest everything, seemed to dither into the land of no restraint. But in the… Continue reading