show&TELL: Product review / HUMIDIFLYER

Actually on my flight over here I tested out a new device called the humidiflyer; it was developed by an Air New Zealand cabin crew, which is used to fight the symptoms of jet lag. It stops your nasal and throat cavities from drying out which generally causes you to dehydrate rapidly on long haul flights, and leaves you gagging for water.
It is a breathing mask with a filter attached to the end which reintroduces the natural moisture in your breathe which is then inhaled to keep your breathing passages lubricated! Well i give it 4 stars, it actually works and i would recommend it to anyone who are planning to jet out of town .

The only side-effect is that i didn’t realise but i had sent the cabin crew into a flurry of panic as they thought that i was gravely ill, but not to worry, i can see that it may be helpful if your sitting next to agony aunt or that annoying passenger who doesn’t understand how to shut up about their life. LOL

An extra pointer, if you have an odorous neighbour then a drop of aroma oil will remedy that!

Atom aka Astroboy even uses one!
Price: 100 dhs/ $35AU
Rating: 4/5
Pro: It actually works and can be used for 100 hours. (The filter has an antibacterial lining)
Con: Can cause heart palpitations in Cabin Crew and may start chest compressions on you while you sleep!