Tickle me Incu!

I trasped out to town this evening to run a few errands and to check out my beloved Sydney. It was really nice to just catch my old bus over the bridge, in a way it feels like i never left.

After making a few suprise visits to my Oxfam family members at centrepoint and Kinokuniya i wandered down stairs to one of my top shops, ‘Incu’, located inside The Galleries Victoria!

I have taken some photos of their latest window art installation, its pretty fetch ja! They commission a new artist every month. By the way, peacocks don’t taste as good as Korean bbq, thats a fact!

Here is a drawing by the quirky and highly acclaimed childrens’ book author and illustrator Shaun Tan. He has kindly donated the illustration to Kinokuniya to auction off on ebay for the indigenous literacy program! He drew this while he was in store, pretty sick hey?