Product Review: Monocle Magazine!

This is one of the coolest Magazines i have come across in a while and i want to share it with you.
Monocle Magazine covers many facets of my interests including, international affairs, politics, design, fashion, technology and everything in between!! I initially came across the magazine in Kinokuniya a few months back but i actually picked up a copy in London for my train trip, as I was on my way into Covent Garden to catch up with a mate. The magazine itself is impeccably designed. The jet noir cover demands respect and once you open it up, it feels like you have just raided Mary Poppins bag, the sheer volume of content is delicious.

Check out the website!! There are multiple video reports that you can watch about about design in relation to national identity, to the introduction of the cutting edge technology used in up and coming aircrafts.
Monocle also has its own commissioned Manga comic series at the back of every issue, how sick is that?
I assure you, you will love it!! Tell me what you think!

Price: $10 US
Website: (click on my Must C link)
Rating: 4.4768/5
Pro: You can’t put it down, well written and researched articles keeps you in the know about almost everything.
Con: I want to work for them. LOL