I saw a real Wazasaurus in the Gong!

It has been such a blast and blessing to catch up with my mates.
Being back in Sydney makes you really appreciate the things you have and cherish the awesomeness of your friends; especially being an expat in the middle of the desert. A beautiful desert at that. heheheheh!

Well I caught a train down the coast to Wollongong to hang out at the Jones’s.We always manage to embark on a random series of adventures. This time it felt like the day was guided by a whimsical breeze from Neverland. Lunch at Ellies on the North Beach esplanade, rock hunting along the beach, the discovery of a butterfly grave, flight practice off beach rocks, a trip to the lost boys skate bowl by sunset, hanging with the icons of the Gong and then back to Jones HQ for homemade cookies and milk! Thanks for the memories Rach and Waz! Enjoy the pictures, just as much as we enjoyed posing!