Hunted!: Rising Comic star!

Introducing you to Warden Sones, the creator of the latest hit net comic series called ‘Snake and Dean.’ two tangramic characters who discuss and deliver the very big issues in life. Just like your doctor told you that one vitamin C tablet a day cures you of scurvy, a dose of Snake&Dean will disolve your worries into a piddle of giggly contemplation!
Warden Sones is a news journalist by trade and is on the soaring wing of comic respectability! word on the street is that these comics are soon to take refuge on Cotton T land! Watch this space!

Price: Internet Access (chello its Free!)
website: (click on the Must C link)
rating: 4.987654321/5
pro: Why go to a shrink to offload your troubles!
con: Can true happiness be a con?