Hunted: Achtung! one can only sympathise!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

Welcome to Dubai where the local time is a joke and the outside temperature is ingenious.
Check out this video made with love by one of our unidentified comrades which is predicted to win the prestigious 2010 Skytrack award for originality! Now when you hear someone use the word esoteric, this video falls into that very category. All cabin crew will appreciate the very heart of this video. As Emirates is an arabic speaking airline, there is an operational requirement to have at least one arabic speaker onboard every flight. There is no doubt that they are doing us a huge service by making official arabic P.A announcements and translating for our largely arabic customer base. But as they are a rare breed of avatars they are in high demand and due to operational requirements their rosters and attempts to swap onto desired flights are like a death match of Solitaire. The irony rings too loud for comfort. We take off our hats to our arabic speaking cohorts! What would we do without you?
Thanks Airboy for the heads up about the vid and my first ripsnort laugh for the 2010!
p.s get your nappies out for a change after!