Dubai’s tower of Babel finally unveiled!

Well the world’s tallest building is finally having it’s day down the world runway tomorrow, as a cascade of world media pool around the Burj for one grand opening to remember. 5pm will see the slicing and dicing of some major red ribbon for the official opening ceremony and the highly anticipated firework show nicknamed ‘Big Bang 2’, which will blitz the UAE skies for another squiggle for the record books. There have been rumors swirling in the blogosphere that they were going to actually have a Chinese factory make the world’s largest bow to dress the Burj Dubai for opening day, but was canned after Emaar (construction company) realised it would interfere with the spot light designed to eternally illuminate the building. I also have some sneak peek photos of the new designer Burj Dubai souvenir store which is selling bespoken bottles of VOSS water studded with Swarovski crystals for about $100 a pop for the thirsty folk. Anyway, I shall post up photos and more info about the Burj Dubai live on location!