Polygenius designer Karim Rashid flicks on the Switch in Dubai!!!

The bulbous wall panels were all manufactured locally in Dubai and the parts were fused seamlessly on premises.

My home turf Dubai is known for many of its party tricks. A land with the world’s best and biggest everything, seemed to dither into the land of no restraint. But in the land of cranes and mega construction, I must admit that they can get things right. I recall the first time Dubai mall opened up and I walked past a shrouded restaurant on the ground floor and peeked through. I was blown away by the wonderous cavern that I was looking into, and knew that Karim Rashid had cast his spell on Dubai.

I met up with the manager for a chat over lunch one day and asked a plethora of questions about Switch. Rumour mill is that there will be more of Karim’s work in Dubai woop woop!Β Karim Rashid joins the revolutionary pack of middle eastern designers who are currently shaping the design world in this neck of the woods with my other fave being Zaha Hadid.

I have been meaning to write up about this place for a while. I also took along my dear friend Jenius and Zen who is Australia’s most delicious food blogger to Switch too where we had one heck of a time. This timeΒ I went for dinner at Switch with my gnarly friends Reags and Leandra who were visiting me on their return to S.Africa!! Thanks guys!!! Oh and the waitresses service is bootylicious, especially Irene !!! Thanks for remembering me after all this time hahahahah! Thanks for letting me go psycho with my camera and pretending you couldn’t hear us!

p.s check out the knife when your in there it is whack!