Love Imogen Heap…LIVE!!!

Once in a blue moon, an artist is born who transcends all notions of normality and boundaries. Such fellow beings allow us to soar out of our mundane lives onto a nirvanic cloud of bliss. Whether you are tuning in with ear pods on the last train home, or in a cabin bunk bed at 41000ft above the Himalayas (as I regularly do on the A380 as cabin crew) one can only be lulled away by this particular birdy. I would describe Imogen Heap as a connoisseur of sounds wrapped in feathers, feelings and an enigma! yes Imogen also affectionately know as ‘Immi’ to her devout admirers actually collects sounds. She collects sounds from around her house from rain falling on her window pane, to frying pans and bonfires from her family holidays, which are then threaded through her music.

Immi is a renegade Pop/Tech extraordinaire/music icon, who not only takes up inches of space over discussions about what she wears (e.g. an LED neck piece with live feeds from her fans via twitter at the Grammys to english zeitgeist designer Gareth Pugh being one of her faves) but she also operates under her own eponymous label. Heaps approach to delivering music in the excruciatingly image conscious and overly managed industry is completely dysfunctional and anti-establishment. Immi has redefined the artist-fan relationship to a degree that has become part of her identity. She releases parts of her songs and ask fans to decide on the ending followed by their release one by one onto her MySpace and Facebook as they are conceived.

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In a press interview  she expressed her uncanny love of sound. “I just love crafting and shaping sounds. Actually, many of the sounds that I work with start off as organic instruments – guitar, piano, clarinet, etc. But I do love the rigidity of electronic drums… I would record live drums, and then I would spend a day editing them to take the life out of them. I like to breathe my own life into these sounds, and I do try to keep the ‘air’ in the music. Some people think electronic music is cold, but I think that has more to do with the people listening than the actual music itself.”

Imogen Heap started her world tour, after freshly bagging a Grammy award for her record ‘Ellipse’ for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical album in 2009. I had the most incredible collisions of blessings to have made her sold out concert. The long story short is that I happened to stumble across her fan site on Facebook where I posted a notice for any spare tickets. To my incredible fortune and screams of shock I came across my new Immi friends who happened to have a spare ticket for the sold out evening on which I happened to have a flight into Sydney from Dubai. All in all it made for an exquisite aural and visual melodrama that unfolded into a sweet dream.

Here is an exert from her newly published twitter biog to prove that it’s not all in my head 🙂

“Imogen’s distinct, eclectronic-style, a brilliant kaleidoscopic symphony of voices, beats, sounds and emotions – mixing beautiful lyrics with breathtaking melodies, traditional instrumentation with computers, to create a sound that’s folk-hued and digital and sparks the imagination has won her over 350,000 friends on MySpace and more than 250,000 followers on Twitter. Fans include Brian Eno, Jeff Beck and Scrubs star Zach Braff, while US chat show hosts David Letterman, Jay Leno, Carson Daly and Hollywood mega blogger, Perez Hilton, have all championed her ability, musically and physically, to transfix. Imogen is, in all senses, an EXPERIENCE.”

Although photos and videos will never be able to capture Imogen’s phenomena, Please enjoy the candid shots that I took from her sold out Sydney show at the Metro Theatre! This one is dedicated to my mate Kel MacKenzie who got me the tickets! Thank you sooooooo much!

I have now loaded the live concert footage for ‘Doyle air’ below. I am working on the grain but enjoy it anyway.