Mummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I want bitttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! :P

Store front installation @ Whitcoulls bookstore, Queen St, Auckland

Mum’s the word today, as we kick off mother’s day 2010. Mother’s day, Valentines, Easter, Christmas…is when your wallet, eyes and taste buds are assaulted and pillaged by stores drawing you in by the heart-strings. Being a paid vagabond aka cabin crew,  I must say that my eyes have been hijacked an incalculable amount of times, by marketing tactics in all its shapes and forms. When we cabin crew fly in and out of countries via the (multi-billion dollar industry)  airport duty-free stores, our eyes are assaulted with all bells and whistles, to seduce ones wallet and part ways with our precious layover allowance.

One of the most memorable ads I have seen was the Canon D90 SLR camera advert, in Chamsil subway station in Seoul Korea. Where a slick billboard image of paparazzi cameras actually lit up, and  followed you with a relay of flashes as you walked past on the red carpet installation, finally coursing you through to a Canon D90 store. Well I must admit that Auckland, New Zealand may have a fraction of the population of places I have called home but, I have always been quite inspired by the progressive nature of their fashion, technology, animation, and also their marketing and advertising industries. I shall post some of the cool ads I have seen in another post.

Getting back to mothers Day, I was walking along Queen St in Auckalnd, on my way for some  late night lemon grass and coconut milk steamed mussels @ the Occidental with my dear friends (fratello) Trenta and Fardiana, when we came across the Whitcoulls bookstore facade. A creative genius staff member had come up with the idea to bring the heart of Mothers day to the streets. It was probably cheaper than throwing red paint with picnic rugs and roses and stacking pyramids of Donna Hay and Women’s weekly cook books in the front window to lure you in.

The 10m high windows have been covered in post it notes with precision to spell it out. They even hired a security officer to guard the installation overnight. Watching the scene as people were milling around reading, writing and piggy backing their friends to write on the untouched notes near the top, I wondered whether anyone would be heartless enough to actually vandalise the temporary installation. Hmmm. We spent a good  10 mins reading many of the messages people had scribbled to express their undying love, affection and admiration for the most influential women in their lives. I don’t even think Damien Hirst would have been able to come up with something as near as good. It made me smile and also took part by scribbling a note on my fluro yellow post it right near the corner of the letter U. Happy Mother’s day!!!!! This is for my 2 mamas Mama K and Mama T 😛

p.s my dear camera was fast asleep in the Langham hotel so I had to call upon my iPhone to capture this one.