My view from UP here!

I know it’s been a while since my last post peeps. But here I go again 😉  As I traverse this splendid planet on foot, cars, donkeys and jet streams I come across this view constantly, that I just cannot shake off. After jetting so much as I do, the panorama created by an almighty God is awe-inspiring. I just need to share it with you. Follow me as I post the views from the top as I float around this orb.

The vista below morphs constantly depending on the region and seasons of the planet. Some regions are incredibly more captivating than others.

As crew, we have incredible and exclusive access to the cockpit which allows us to capture the views below. Even with all the flying that I do, it still silences me.

Sometimes in moments of reflection, I’m fascinated by the thought, that all forms of human life manage to congregate, in the most arid of lands. We have an innate ability to survive and tame the patch of land we call home.

This is evident when you fly over the Himalayas, or the vast expanse of the Gobi desert at night to see the specks of light signifying life below. I also wonder, what would they think when they see the lights of my plane, arcing through their tranquil heavens.

The air is definitely rarefied up here. How insignificant am I and my problems? and how infinitely great is our God?

Bubbling clouds near Mt Everest from 41,000 ft

My breakfast views over the Himalayas

Flying over the Himalayas at sunrise. At 41,000 ft on a crystal clear day you can see the rim of space.