One shot: PARIS

A parisienne steps into the afternoon spot light @ the Louvre.

PARIS is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world and I have taken literally thousands of photos in that splendid city. I have always said that even a mundane brick in Paris is photogenic HA!

After perusing through my archives this shot just leap out at me. I follow all sorts of  blogs, and photographers like Scott Schumann’s The Sartorialist, Bill Cunningham, Annie Leibowitz, Eugene Atget, Henri Cartier-Bresson so here is my shot that just captures Paris for me.

I made this image during the dreamy golden hour on a summer afternoon. I was walking through the courtyard of the Louvre as the  light bathed the city in gold. In that moment even squalor seemed to transform into a Versaillesque hall of golden mirrors.