BEAR essentials: AIR NZ kicks ass again with new inflight video!

Does anyone in the marketing department want some inspiration? Well take a dip from the new inflight safety video starring famous nature survival guy, Bear Grylls set in the wilderness of the land of the long white cloud.

The cross promotion is genius. Safety being the focus on all pre flight demos. But like any form of news media it must be entertaining to some level. Here, Bear is seen hunting down some sort of giant Kiwi throughout the video; as he takes us through the legally regulated safety steps with some tongue in cheek passes at his profession. (e.g. when oxygen masks fall they may be handy to collect urine but to put it over your face first. LOL)

Getting passengers on board to watch the safety demonstration is like hoping the airline will give crew complimentary caviar LOL!

It is an industry fact that innovation is key, and our cohorts in New Zealand know how to keep things fresh. Their highly acclaimed ‘Lord of the Rings’ safety video during awards season nailed it and here they do it again.

Air NZ have entered into a $NZ1 million partnership to conserve flora and fauna in specific untouched areas of New Zealand.

I at first wondered why some airlines would allocate such huge budgets to a safety video (e.g flying in spanking new rows of seats to film on top of a cliff) but it is evident that such thematic doses of cool bring alot of hipster kudos and marketing mileage.

Well done Air NZ. Superfly.