Burj Glorious Burj!

One day on we remember. Here are some photos I took last night. Yours truly, The Burj Dubai Khalifa! Hmm. I still prefer the name Burj Dubai, it’s less dusty!

Dubai’s tower of Babel finally unveiled!

Well the world’s tallest building is finally having it’s day down the world runway tomorrow, as a cascade of world media pool around the Burj for one grand opening to remember. 5pm will… Continue reading

Hunted: Achtung! one can only sympathise!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to Dubai where the local time is a joke and the outside temperature is ingenious. Check out this video made with love by one of our… Continue reading

Foggy Toronto Town

As a paid vagabond, my job brings me to Toronto for New Year’s, where the air is somewhat rareified but shiversome I must say!Well I am currently residing at the exquisite Fairmont Royal… Continue reading

It’s a girl!

Childbirth? piece of cake! Yes she is 2 years old now and her favourite colour is green 😀 Emirates, Airline, cabin crew, flight attendant, travel, A380, photos, blog

Jump ‘n’ Slide! and watch your nipples!

[FLASHBACK: DOYLE AIR ARCHIVE] I have decided to finally publish my first journal entry after commencing abinitio training at Emirates Aviation college. I had it drafted almost 2yrs ago but thought I would… Continue reading

Salaam Alaykum! my come back!

G’day! Yes I know it has been over a year and yes I have had a number of you bugging me to continue charting my life again, supposedly Hello & New Idea magazines… Continue reading

Thought of the day: Death…

It is a known fact that people die all the time. Statistically 2 every second. It is also a known fact that people die in all sorts of places. 35000 ft in the… Continue reading

Hunted!: Pearls Before Swines!

I have hunted an artisan who specialises in wearable furniture and is currently redefining the jewellry and object design scene in Australia. Presenting the creator of the label ‘Pearls Before Swine’ Nikki Majajas!Check… Continue reading

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