Hunted!: Rising Comic star!

Introducing you to Warden Sones, the creator of the latest hit net comic series called ‘Snake and Dean.’ two tangramic characters who discuss and deliver the very big issues in life. Just like… Continue reading

Look at me Glow!

Well as you know I love shooting anything, children are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. They are charmingly challenging and a load of fun to hang out with. Introducing my adorable… Continue reading

Paris Economy Class International!

On the 24th of June, 2008 at 7:47 and 37 seconds, a Boeing 777-300, capable of blowing apart a family car with one of its engines, landed on the tarmac at Charles De… Continue reading

I saw a real Wazasaurus in the Gong!

It has been such a blast and blessing to catch up with my mates.Being back in Sydney makes you really appreciate the things you have and cherish the awesomeness of your friends; especially… Continue reading

Product Review: Monocle Magazine!

This is one of the coolest Magazines i have come across in a while and i want to share it with you.Monocle Magazine covers many facets of my interests including, international affairs, politics,… Continue reading

Tickle me Incu!

I trasped out to town this evening to run a few errands and to check out my beloved Sydney. It was really nice to just catch my old bus over the bridge, in… Continue reading

Hello Sydney!

Well i am finally back in my home town Sydney, for my first annual leave from Emirates.As soon as i arrived I realised I missed seeing my surroundings in technicolour. As incredible as… Continue reading

show&TELL: Product review / HUMIDIFLYER

Actually on my flight over here I tested out a new device called the humidiflyer; it was developed by an Air New Zealand cabin crew, which is used to fight the symptoms of… Continue reading

Achtung Munchen! Clear for Landing!

I am on reserve this month and it seems to be only getting better.Deustchland here i come, i was pulled out for Munich yesterday and golly what an amazing city it is.As i… Continue reading

Enchanted Carrot cake!

Who doesn’t like Carrot cake? Well Ash, Dane, Ali and i have started a new trend, Carrot cake bake night at Sahara Tower. As we were all having a day off, the 3… Continue reading

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